Open Physics. Part II

Open Physics. Part II 2.5

Multimedia physics course program

Open Physics. Part II is an innovative course software program about Multimedia Physics with Internet support. This program has many features including a complete textbook with colored images, 50 interactive simulations, 400 problems and questions, a laboratory work student’s registry, a search engine and a magnifier tool.

This application covers topics on Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic Oscillations, Waves, Optics, Special Relativity Principles, Quantum Physics and Nuclear Physics.

Open Physics. Part II was developed using the latest technologies and different pedagogic achievements. Each simulation on the program explains topics with computer animations, graphs and numerical values.

This tool also visually explains and demonstrates different physical concepts and phenomena to promote a deeper understanding. This product also supports different platforms such as Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP.

Open Physics. Part II can be used in high schools, colleges and independent educational institutions. It can help develop an interest and greater understanding of Multimedia Physics.

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Open Physics. Part II


Open Physics. Part II 2.5

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